Skin care SERVICES

Welcome to Syeni’s new skincare menu using our very own exclusive skin care line “Deep River Estates” created and made with natural and organic products. Our line originates from plants and fruits such as Horsetail, Aloe Vera, a variety of berries and much more including stem cells, peptides, and lipids. Everything your skin is hungry for!! Our love for animals and nature helped us create this line by symbolizing the different breed of horses, their beauty, their many different coats and characteristics. Like horses..women and men are beautiful and strong! Please check out our product page for more information on our skin care line and all of its’ natural ingredients.

You may also purchase our products online at Deep River Estates

All full hour esthetic services include massage of the feet, skin analysis, holistic deep cleansing, toning and gentle strokes to stimulate lymph movement. These services also include aromatherapy compresses and warm sage foot wraps to offer deep relaxation for the body and spirit. While indulging in a nurturing treatment mask, you will receive a gentle head, décolleté, arm and hand massage with our exclusive body care products. Extractions are optional with all full services.

All mini-facial services include, holistic deep cleansing, toning, warm aromatherapy compresses, a customized masque, and gentle hand strokes to stimulate lymph movement. Topped off with a moisturizer loaded with lipids and amino acids.


$55.....THoroughbred facial //30 min

30 min customized mini-facial

$75.....american paint facial // 60 min

This unique breed of horse has an easygoing temperament and recognized for their combination of coat colors making this facial great for combination skin. This facial is one of our most popular facials customized to your skins’ needs. This classic facial offers anti-oxidants, vitamin C, horsetail, periwinkle, amino acids, lipids, peptides and a deep exfoliation using glycolic, and salicylic acids. Included in this facial is an enzyme masque that carries asiatic acid from the Reishi mushroom to help in sloughing off dead skin and increase hydration.

$85.....appaloosa acne facial with mini-massage //60 min

This breed is known for their beautiful spotted coats. This organically based facial is specifically designed for oily and acne complexions. Natural ingredients provide antioxidant benefits to moisturize and soothe the skin. Jojoba oil, which rates zero on the comedogenic scale moisturizes without clogging pores since it is a liquid wax, not a true oil. Vitamin E helps protect the skin against the abuse of the elements. A high-end treatment for the most sensitive of skins, blending anti-inflammatory benefits of cayenne, antiseptic benefits of clove and the astringent benefits of willow bark. Perfect for facial acne, as well as, body acne. This unique facial blends the deep cleaning power of Lavender Distillate (helps to heal and treat pimples), Witch Hazel (helps tone and tighten pores), MSM (helps drive ingredients into skin) and willow bark derived salicylic acid to relieve oily and blemished skin. Powerful botanicals including clove, juniper and cayenne help control sebaceous gland production. All work gently and effectively, without dryness, irritation or redness and promotes clean, clear and beautiful skin.

$100.....Palomino peptide facial with mini-massage // 60 min

This special breed are admired for their beauty, versatility and endurance making his facial treatment most luxurious. Using anti-aging ingredients that will refine, refresh, and reverse the signs of aging. A rare facial that reduces wrinkles, boost collagen and restore elasticity using the latest research in peptides, stem cells, and natural plant lipids. This specific skin care treatment is loaded with anti-oxidants from natural fruit such as blueberry, cranberry, bayberry, Oregon grape to help fight free radicals. Organic ingredients like green tea, Vitamin E & C, olive oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil and oregano oil to nurture and restore the skin’s vitality. It is complimented with a serum that will best fit your needs whether it be lifting, firming or brightening.

$85.....arabian silk facial with mini-massage // 60 min

This breed is known for being affectionate and accustom to dry weather. This skin care is specially recommended for very dry and dehydrated skin. Using amino acids to help repair and restore the protein matrix and active ingredients such as oats, hyaluronic, borage oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E & A to soothe, protect and restore dry aging skin. It also uses unique silk amino acids to help deliver the moisture ingredients where they are needed most. Containing hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, frankincense and rose hip oils to help skin regeneration. The end result is a brightened, refreshed and hydrated complexion.

$85.....american quarter horse facial // 60 min

This breed is known for being versatile and tough yet gentle with riders. Well known for their calm personality making this facial the most relaxing treatment. Specifically designed for highly sensitive skin, rosacea, couperous or damaged skin. Organic aloe pairs with organic geranium to render remarkable results in eliminating scars and hyperpigmentation. Plant oils maintain integrity of the skin without stripping, and lavender, tea tree, and oregano effectively eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Vitamins C work as a potent antioxidant and gotu kola and burdock root stimulate collagen production. MSM repairs skin damage while driving ingredients deep into the skin for maximum efficacy. Combined with a dozen powerful antioxidants and plant bio-actives, bee propolis, honey, and royal jelly making this a one of a kind facial.

$65.....bare back facial // 45 min

For the hard to reach areas. Your back is cleansed & exfoliated followed by a light moisturizer. Extractions if necessary.